Maps of the month

Below is a collection of "Maps of the Month," which have run regularly on the back cover of our EcoCity Cleveland Journal.

Vistas of Cuyahoga County, Sept-Oct 2001

Euclid Creeks drainage area, July-Aug 2001

Open Space Corridors, May-June 2001

Dike 14, March-April 2001

Concentrations of buying power, Jan-Feb 2001

Surface drinking water, April-May 2000

Development in Geauga County, Sept-Oct 2000

Chagrin River Watershed, Nov-Dec 2000

Outmigration in Northeast Ohio, Winter 1999- 2000

Physiographic regions of Ohio, September 1999

Natural vegetation of Northeast Ohio, August 1999

Ancient beach ridges, Spring 1998

Farming on the edge, Winter 1997-1998

Covering the state with highways, Fall 1997

Building permits for single-family homes in the seven-county region (1980-1995), June 1997

Wealth in real estate, April-May 1997

Population density in Northeast Ohio (1990), Jan 1997

Migration between Cuyahoga County and adjacent counties, Nov-Dec 1996

Cuyahoga River Basin, July-Aug 1996

Evacuation routes from Perry Nuclear Power Plant, May-June 1996

Lake Erie drainage basins, Jan 1996

Dividing Ohio Land, Dec 1995

Widening Ohio, Nov 1995

Combined sewer overflow locations, Oct 1995

Great Lakes' depth and water volume, Sept 1995

Indian towns and trails in the territory that became Ohio, July-Aug 1995

Crazy quilt subdivisions, June 1995

Cuyahoga River tributaries, May 1995


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