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In July 2007, EcoCity Cleveland announced that it was merging with The Cleveland Museum of Natural History and creating the Center for Regional Sustainability as part of the Museum. Our new center will:

  • Make the Natural History Museum a hub of activity for sustainability exhibits, projects, educational events, and outreach.
  • Become a clearinghouse for sustainability information and policies, and a resource for regional decision-makers.
  • Create new visions of a sustainable future in Northeast Ohio.
  • Facilitate planning and implementation projects to help the Greater Cleveland area reduce its ecological footprint and build a positive identity as a green city on a blue lake.

To support this work, we encourage you to become a member of the Natural History Museum. Donations can be earmarked for the sustainability center. Become a member now!

You can also support the work of sustainability in Northeast Ohio by participating on the GreenCityBlueLake website. Share your story about making green cities on a blue lake!

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