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See news about EcoCity Cleveland's merger with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

EcoCity Cleveland is a nonprofit environmental planning organization that promotes the design of cities in balance with nature in Northeast Ohio.

In the cities: We work in the urban core of the metropolitan region to promote environmentally-friendly redevelopment that improves quality of life and makes cities more sustainable.

In the country: We work in the countryside to promote sensitive development that preserves open space and the ecological integrity of the landscape.

Balancing city and country: Connecting these two areas of work are policy issues related to urban sprawl and smart growth at the regional and state levels (including land use planning, transportation planning, and issues of regional governance). In all this, the metropolitan region is the key unit of analysis, and we play an important role in helping citizens and policy-makers adopt a more thoughtful regional perspective a "bioregional" perspective that transcends the political fragmentation of our region.

Since being founded in 1992, EcoCity Cleveland has earned a national reputation for the quality of its work. We have been a key player in expanding public awareness of urban sprawl as a fundamental environmental problem. Our reporting in the EcoCity Cleveland Journal and other publications has been influential in supporting and shaping the local environmental movement. And our programs add value to the work of many other organizations promoting sustainability and ecological cities.

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This site has not been updated since 2006. EcoCity Cleveland merged with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to form the GreenCityBlueLake Institute. For up-to-date sustainability news in Northeast Ohio, log on to GreenCityBlueLake's web site

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