Participation on
committees and task forces

EcoCity Cleveland staff members serve on numerous boards, committees, task forces, and advisory groups. This personal involvement is a major way we influence planning in the region.

Currently, we are participating on the following groups. We try to speak for citizens, so please if there is a viewpoint you want us to represent.

  • Innerbelt Scoping Committee
  • Cuyaghoga County Natural Resources Advisory Council (Clean Ohio funding)
  • First Suburbs Consortium Executive Committee
  • Western Reserve Resource Conservation & Development Council
  • Greater Cleveland RTA Citizens Advisory Board
  • NOACA Bicycle Advisory Subcommittee
  • Cleveland Transit-Oriented Development Committee
  • Ohio City Streets Committee
  • Ohio Lake Erie Balance Growth Task Force (staff)
  • Growth Management Leadership Alliance (Ohio representative)
  • Cuyahoga River Remedial Action Plan
  • Sustainable Communities 2000 Planning Committee




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