Woonerf (Dutch word which means "street for living") is common space shared by pedestrians, bicyclists, and low-speed motor vehicles. They are usually streets raised to the same grade as curbs and sidewalks. Vehicles are slowed by placing trees, planters, parking areas, and other obstacles in the street. Motorists are treated as the intruders and must travel at walking speed. This makes a street available for public use that is essentially only intended for local residents. A woonerf identification sign is placed at each street entrance.

Estimated cost: The cost to retrofit and create a woonerf may be quite high, but there would be no extra cost if part of original construction.

Used for

  • Residential or other local streets where volumes are low (under 1,000 ADT), limited use, and primarily local access streets.
  • Streets where there is a neighborhood desire to create a public space for social activities and play by local residents.

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