Raised intersection

A raised intersection involves providing ramps on each of the intersection approaches and elevating the entire intersection by approximately 6 inches. The crosswalks on each approach are also elevated as a part of this treatment. Bollards are sometimes added to reduce the likelihood of drivers cutting through the intersection on the sidewalk. The intersection ramps are usually made of concrete, but may be constructed of paving stones, bricks, or other materials. As with other vertical treatments such as speed humps or speed tables, these devices are uncomfortable for bus and emergency vehicle passengers.

Estimated cost: $25,000 to $70,000 for compact intersections. Costs are less if drainage is minimized.

Used for

  • Reducing conflict speed at most critical location.
  • Improving pedestrian and bicycle access and safety at most critical location.
  • Creating a prime corner ("100% corner") and increasing public amenities.

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