Landscaping treatments

The careful use of landscaping along a street provides separation between motorists and pedestrians, reduces the roadway's effective width (which in turn can reduce vehicle speeds), and provides a more pleasant street environment for both pedestrians and motorists. If an entire block of residents approves a landscaping plan, more landscaping options are available than would be available to a single individual. This can include a variety of trees, bushes, and large flower pots, which can be planted in the area between the sidewalk or walkway and the street. All proposed landscaping options should conform to parks and recreation department standards, and local government maintenance capabilities.

Estimated cost: Varies. From $1,000-$10,000 is typical. Often city or county will pay for initial installation and tree maintenance while the neighborhood will agree to maintain smaller plants. Some cities maintain greenhouses to assist neighborhoods with free plantings.

Used for

  • Enhancing the street environment and improving property values.
  • Projecting an image that the street is part of a place rather than a through route.
  • Creating an energy-saving, green environment, cooling and preserving asphalt life, and tempering motorist behavior. Tree canopies can reduce energy costs to residential and commercial properties by up to 10 percent.
  • Enhancing all other types of traffic calming measures.
  • Increasing neighborhood pride, ownership and commitment to work together.
  • Reducing water runoff.

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