The region from space

Transcending the boundaries

When we want to learn more about our home region here in Northeast Ohio, most of us refer to the maps that are readily available. More often than not, those are road maps that were designed to help us navigate the region by car. With them, we can easily pick out the city, township and county borders in Northeast Ohio and the highways that will get us from one place to another.

But if we want to explore the bioregion, we need to look beyond those political boundaries and roads so that we can see the underlying natural features. Then we'll see the boundaries between watersheds and the way the Allegheny Plateau to the east descends to the Lake and Till plains to the west. Forested areas and farmland will reveal themselves, as will the protected green spaces and the urbanized areas where most of our region's residents live. Thinking bioregionally, we'll be able to follow those features where they lead us as they meander through dozens of cities and townships.

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