Geological sights

The best places to see bedrock are in our region's Metropark systems. Places along the Grand River in the Lake Metroparks, for instance, contain beautiful outcrops of the Devonian Chagrin Shale.

Our Devonian rock sequence (the Chagrin Shale through the Berea Sandstone) is exposed in the Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville Reservation along Chippewa Creek (helps to be a hiker), along Euclid Creek in the Cleveland Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation (very accessible), along Penitentiary Glen in Lake Metroparks Penitentiary Glen (access during organized tours only), and in Stebbins Gulch in Holden Arboretum (access during organized tours only). Some of these same layers also can be seen along the Vermilion River in the Lorain County Metro Parks.

The most accessible location to view Mississippian and Pennsylvanian rocks, including the Sharon Conglomerate, is in Summit Metro Parks Gorge Park along the Cuyahoga River. In addition, the Sharon Conglomerate can be seen almost any place that has the word "ledges" in its title, including Thompson Ledges near Thompson, Whipps Ledges in Hinckley, Nelson-Kennedy Ledges in Portage County, and the Boston and Ritchie ledges in the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area.

Accessible places to observe ongoing shoreline processes include Edgewater Park, which is part of Cleveland Lakefront State Park, Huntington Reservation in Bay Village, and Mentor Headlands Beach State Park in Lake County.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has up-to-date exhibits on local geology. The Rocky River Nature Center of the Cleveland Metroparks and the French Creek Nature Center of the Lorain County Metro Parks have exhibits on the geology of their respective parks.



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