The BLUE Project
(Building the Livable Urban Edge)

The BLUE Project will generate new ideas and build public support for a dramatically better waterfront in Greater Cleveland a waterfront with world-class public access and ecological quality. The project partners are the Cleveland Waterfront Coalition and EcoCity Cleveland.

The project recently received funding from the George Gund Foundation and the Raymond John Wean Foundation to:

  • Identify a full range of "big picture" concepts and approaches for waterfront planning (such as the style of waterfront that is appropriate for Cleveland).
  • Research critical issues for future waterfront development (such as the possibilities for converting Burke Lakefront Airport to other uses).
  • Research best practices for urban waterfronts.
  • Assure an exemplary public process for waterfront planning.
  • Stimulate the civic imagination about waterfront alternatives and how a great waterfront can contribute to the life of a city.

The BLUE Project is independent of the City of Cleveland's lakefront planning process, which just began a series of public meetings. But BLUE will coordinate with the city process and supplement the city's efforts.

Send your waterfront images!

The BLUE Project is seeking photos and drawings of waterfront designs from around the world. We are creating an IdeaBank portfolio of best practices to inform the City of Cleveland's lakefront planning process.

Please your photos, drawings or other ideas or send items to EcoCity Cleveland, 2841 Scarborough Rd., Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (please include location and credit information). The images will be included in EcoCity's Web site and BLUE publications.

Dig through your files and help create a great lakefront vision for Cleveland!

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Cuyahoga Bioregion
(216) 961-5020
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BLUE principles

A future waterfront that is:

  • Clean
  • Green
  • Connected
  • Open
  • Accessible
  • Useable
  • Diverse
  • Affordable
  • Attractive

A process for waterfront planning that is:

  • Open
  • Transparent
  • Inclusive of different constituencies and ideas



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