Lakefront Plan/BLUE Project

The Cleveland City Planning Commission held its Fourth round of community meetings for The Lakefront Plan in October 2003. The meetings focused on alternative roadways and public transit concepts. Check back for the schedule of the next round of public meetings.

City lakefront planning meetings
The Cleveland Lakefront Partners (The City of Cleveland, Cleveland Neighborhood Development Corp., Cleveland Tomorrow and the Greater Cleveland Growth Association) held the second round of public meetings to plan the future of Cleveland's lakefront in Fall 2002. This series focused on land development, uses and activities along the shoreline.


In the Spring (2002), the discussion centered around the community's interest in putting a boulevard along the lakefront between Edgewater and Gordon Park. A second round of public meetings in Fall (2002) focused on specific development opportunities along the waterfront, parks and recreational activities, neighborhood development and enhanced access along the lakefront.

For more information, please call the Cleveland City Planning CommissionPhone: 216-664-2210.

You can now view taped versions of the first three of the
four Lakefront Educational Forums hosted by Cleveland State University's Levin College of Urban Affairs.

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The BLUE Project
(Building the Livable Urban Edge)


Let's make the connection!

The following are Mayor Jane Campbell's remarks at the April 24, 2003 public meeting on the future of the lakefront.

We're gathered here this evening to initiate a plan to connect our two greatest assets: our people and our lakefront.

This afternoon I announced the kick-off of our Citywide Plan with the theme Connecting Cleveland. Just as we develop a community plan to connect our citizens to their neighborhoods to education, to technology and the new economy we want to connect citizens to the lakefront. So tonight we're gathered here to talk about how to make that connection.

Currently we have 8 miles of lakefront extending from Edgewater to Gordon Park and more at Wildwood Park. Fifty years ago Cleveland completed a Lakefront Plan but then came the roadways that divided our neighborhoods from the lake. Since the completion of State Route 2 (the Shoreway) and the I-90, 50,000 Cleveland residents have been walled off from the Lakefront. From Edgewater, to Glenville, Detroit Shoreway to St. Clair-Superior thousands of Clevelanders live within a mile of the Lake but they just can't reach it.

Just as we talk about what ought to be on the lakefront we need to discuss as a community the issue of how to access our lakefront. Tonight, let us think for a moment about how to cross that great divide.

I think Clevelanders should have the opportunity to stroll the lakefront, to bike along the water's edge, to see new parkland for miles, and build new development opportunities where appropriate.

As we think through a lakefront plan remember this is your plan, the citizen's plan we take our cues from you. So I challenge you tonight to think big, to believe in a new lakefront, to have the courtesy to listen to your neighbor no matter how wild their idea.

Tonight let's open our minds to new ideas and begin to envision a new connection to our Great Lake Erie. Together we can bring a legacy project to Cleveland for the next 100 years a plan that will benefit our children, our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Thank you for coming out tonight and being here for this historic beginning of the Lakefront Plan.

Together, let's make the connection!

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