Aerial tour of the lakefront

One of the best ways to appreciate the lakefront is to get in a small plane and fly along the shore at 1,000 feet above the water. That's what we did on May 19, 2002, to obtain the photos on these pages.

The flight went from Bay Village on the west to Mentor on the east. We've grouped the images by location. Select the following options to view thumbnails and larger images.

As you view the photos, think about how scarce lakefront property is being used for public or private purposes, how little of the lakefront is accessible to the public, and how the shore has been modified to reduce or exacerbate erosion problems.

In the coming months, we hope to add photos to this collection to fill in the places we missed. So come back soon!

All photos are by EcoCity Cleveland's David Beach.
Thanks to pilot David Kazdan for the flight!


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Whiskey Island and downtown Cleveland

Looking east toward Eastlake


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