European Charter
of Pedestrians Rights

The pedestrian has the right to live in a healthy environment and freely to enjoy the amenities offered by public areas under conditions that adequately safeguard his physical and psychological well-being.

The pedestrian has the right to live in urban or village centers tailored to the needs of human beings and not to the needs of the motor car and to have amenities within walking and bicycling distance.

Children, the elderly, and the disabled have the right to expect towns to be places of easy social contact and not places that aggravate their inherent weakness.

The pedestrian has the right to urban areas which are intended exclusively for his use, are as extensive as possible and are not mere "pedestrian precincts" but are in harmony with the overall organization of the town.

The pedestrian has the right to complete and unimpeded mobility which can be achieved through the integrated use of the means of transport. In particular, he has the right to expect: (a) an ecologically sound, extensive and well-equipped public transport service which will meet the needs of all citizens, from the physically fit to the disabled; (b) the provision of facilities for bicycles throughout the urban areas; (c) parking lots which are sited in such a way that they affect neither the mobility of pedestrians nor their ability to enjoy areas of architectural distinction.


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