The American landscape has been given over to the automobile. While this mass "automobility" has made life more convenient in some ways, it's also degraded our quality of life. We have spent billions of dollars to make our public spaces hostile and often dangerous for anyone not inside an automobile. And we have allowed the car to displace walking, bicycling, and transit.

But after years of neglect, street design is re-emerging as an important issue in neighborhood and city planning. Civic leaders are rediscovering streets as public spaces that should serve the needs of all citizensincluding pedestrians, bicyclists and those who are simply out enjoying the public right of way.

This section of the site explores the ways to reclaim streets with "traffic calming" techniques. It includes articles on the philosophy of traffic calming, as well as explanations of the available techniques.

Start calming traffic in your community!


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Traffic-calming topics
Reclaiming the streets
Principles for traffic calming
Traffic-calming tools
Sharing the road
Mayfield Road - Narrow and wide
European Charter of Pedestrian Rights
Ohio City Streets Committee
Americans support walkable communities
Safe Routes to School legislation
Traffic-calming resources

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