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We are pleased to present this special section of our site with the proceedings of the Sustainable Communities Symposium 2000. One of EcoCity Cleveland's essential roles is to chronicle and interpret the movement for sustainability in Northeast Ohio. It's a diverse and complex movement ranging from groups that rehabilitate housing in the inner city to programs that help businesses reduce energy costs to organizations that preserve natural areas. Our job is to draw relationships, integrate ideas and information, and help people understand the connections between different activities and organizations.

On a practical level, we helped with the planning of SCS 2000. And we acted as fiscal agent to manage the funding for the project. The latter role project management is a growing realm of activity for us. Our core staff gives us the capacity to manage a number of projects. And because we are nimble enough to respond quickly to opportunities, other groups in the community (such as the ad hoc committee of groups that planned SCS 2000) are approaching us for assistance when they are not in an organizational position to seek funding. There is a clear need for nonprofit organizations like ours to be able to do this.

We hope that the umbrella of EcoCity Cleveland can continue providing a home for good projects. In this way we can leverage our resources for the broad movement for sustainable communities.

SCS 2000 thanks

Thanks to all the participants of SCS 2000 who made it a memorable event especially the members of the working groups, who devoted countless hours to thinking through what we need to change in Northeast Ohio if we are to become a national leader in the thought and practice of sustainability. Working group chairs included Paul Alsenas and Paul Volpe (Architecture and Urban Design), Chris Swift (Infrastructure), Chris Cole (Business and Economics), and Kenneth Montlack (Political/Legal issues). Congressman Dennis Kucinich provide the initial inspiration for having a sustainable communities conference.

Special thanks to major funders of SCS 2000 the Cleveland Foundation, the George Gund Foundation, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Additional support was received from the Cleveland Green Building Coalition, East Ohio Gas Co., LTV Steel Co., Schmidt Copeland Parker Stevens, City Architecture, Ohio Planning Conference Cleveland Chapter, American Institute of Architects Cleveland Chapter, ParkWorks, Montgomery Watson Inc., and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.


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Proceedings of Sustainable Communities Symposium 2000
Three days in May 2000
Symposium agenda
The thought and practice of sustainability
Themes of the discussion
Agenda for architecture/urban design
Agenda for business/economics
Agenda for infrastructure
Agenda for political/legal issues
Agenda for health
Forging a regional civic vision
Committed to people and place
Sustainability pledge
Quotes from speakers
Resources for sustainability

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