May 2004

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Lakefront resources
Market study for lakefront housing
City Planning Commission lakefront plan info
EcoCity's BLUE Project

FalconCam for the Terminal Tower
Guide to climate change impacts on the Great Lakes
Ideas for a city sustainability program
Fresh thinking for economic development

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Protecting urban gardens
EcoVation home
Mercury pollution worse in Cleveland
Air toxics inventory for Cuyahoga County
Dike 14: Opportunities for a great new lakefront park and nature preserve

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Landscape urbanism: Designing with nature first
EcoCity receives funding for Lake Erie watershed planning
First Suburbs Development Council puts economic development opportunities online
Portage Park District goes online
Local resources for historic preservation
Resources for farmland preservation
Resources for fair housing
OSU Exurban Change Project analyzes economic, social, agricultural and land use change throughout Ohio

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The next I-90 battle
Stranded without options
Cars and trucks cause more smog than smokestacks
RTA buys clean hybrid-electric vehicles for Euclid Corridor
Federal transportation bill reaches final legislative stage



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Waterfronts for people: A boom in waterfront housing has enlivened Vancouver's downtown, redeveloped brownfield sites, absorbed population growth without creating more urban sprawl, and created wonderful public spaces and trails along the water for all residents of the city.

More photos from Vancouver's waterfront


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