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West Shore and E. 9th trolleys

EcoCity Cleveland has received positive responses and refinements for pursuing a West Shore trolley and an E. 9th Street trolley. In the effort to expand on this dialogue, we are posting some of your emails on the subject. Feel free to comment on these and the proposal via .

"Yes, yes, yes! You guys have got it! The proposal to extend a transit line down the lakeside railroad tracks through Lakewood is a fantastic idea.

The Red Line is fine if you live in the western most part of Ohio City or the West Blvd. area, but what about all of the people who live in the Clifton Blvd./Edgewater and Detroit Shoreway neighborhoods? Obviously, many people utilize public transit in the Detroit corridor. Please keep up with your efforts to make a lakeshore rail corridor a reality.

The downtown loop up E. 9th is also a fantastic idea. I often drive by the Waterfront line and wonder why they spent so much money on a rail line that ends in a parking lot? Why doesn't it loop back through downtown?

If RTA and the city are serious about developing the Midtown corridor, this would be a great way to offer rail connections for people riding the Red Line from the west or east, and the Blue and Green lines from the east. Also, there could be a rail transfer point for people utilizing the new Euclid Corridor rapid transit line.

Your two-sided proposal would not only link areas that are underserved by rapid transit to each other, it would connect neighborhoods filled with thousands of downtown workers and people who want to have an alternative to driving downtown for social, sports and other events. With a plan such as you've outlined, it may be finally feasible to live in Cleveland WITHOUT A CAR, oh, wouldn't that be great."

Best Regards,
Ted Van Hyning
Headroom Digital


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