E. 9th & West Shore trolleys II: Use Detroit-Superior's lower deck

Our proposed demonstration project for a West Shore Trolley during Innerbelt construction calls for self-propelled diesel rail cars terminating at the downtown muni lot. But we're also suggesting eventually electrifying that route and serving it permanently. The following is an idea to refine that proposal, submitted by Ken Prendergast of the Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers.

An electrified West Shore trolley with frequent service would likely have problems crossing the lift bridge at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. As an alternative to that river crossing, consider using the lower level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge and the access ramps from the west end of that bridge into the median of the West Shoreway (rebuilt as a boulevard).

When compared to tracks along Whiskey Island, this alignment would put the trolley closer to ridership sources and possibly reduce costs since it would use the existing Detroit-Superior bridge and station infrastructure.

Coming into downtown from the east end of the Detroit-Superior Bridge, the tracks would rise to street level and curve over to Frankfort/Rockwell Road, which is a lightly used street (tucked between and running parallel to St. Clair and Superior). The West Shore light rail train (LRT) would cross through the Warehouse District, the north edge of Public Square, past the downtown library, and end at the Waterfront Line Extension, whether at E. 9th, E. 17th or E. 18th.

Perhaps someday this West Shore light rail could be extended east of downtown, via Superior, Payne or some other street.

The map (top of page) shows this proposed routing, which would be interesting to see incorporated into the lakefront planning process discussion of the West Shoreway boulevard conversion.

your comments on this proposal.

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Section details of Ken Prendergast's proposed alignment of a West Shore Trolley to run alongside the proposed West shore boulevard, head south from the shore on W. 25th, over the Detroit-Superior Bridge's lower deck, and onto lightly traveled Frankfort/Rockwell Road to connect with the proposed downtown trolley. Click on any image to download a pdf doc. with larger images.

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