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EcoCity transportation program manager Ryan McKenzie provides news and commentary on what's happening to improve transportation choices in Northeast Ohio and at state & national levels. Get updates on road policies, transit, bicycling, walking, freight, and other transport-related topics, all viewed from EcoCity's sustainability perspective.

RTA sets long range priorities
The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority recently adopted its first long range plan update in several years, and for the first time has created a top-10 list of priorities.

EcoCity applauds the agency for focusing on technology upgrades for existing services, like real-time schedule signs at selected bus & rail stops, and traffic signal priority for buses. Watch for improved coordination with surrounding transit agencies, a commitment to green building principles, and promotion for Fannie Mae's Cleveland Smart Commute program.
We're also fans of RTA's new Transit Waiting Environments (TWE) initiative, which aims to improve information and amenities at many of the region's 8500 bus stops.

With the Euclid Corridor Silver Line project having received a federal funding commitment, RTA will begin pondering whether other corridors could benefit from Bus Rapid Transit upgrades. Future projects are likely to be "BRT lite", with less emphasis on expensive street infrastructure changes, and a focus on robust waiting environments, signal priority, on-street parking policy, and other basic changes that improve on-time performance, overall speeds, and the general customer experience. EcoCity suggests looking at the West Shoreway/Clifton Blvd corridor, with its $50 million reconstruction starting in 2008; and the West 25th street and Broadway Avenue corridors, which carry much of RTA's north-south traffic to points throughout the county.

For RTA's top 10 list and a link to their full Long Range Plan update, click here.

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