Ideabook to improve RTA's transit waiting environments now online

Why don't more people ride the bus? For many, it's the condition of their bus stop. Few have roofs to get commuters out of the rain, and even less have schedules posted, making an online search the only way to find out what time the next bus will come. Others have nowhere to sit, or are not visually appealing enough to encourage ridership.

In order to address these problems, EcoCity has teamed up with Kent State University's Urban Design Center and RTA to write and conduct a Transit Waiting Environment (TWE)

The survey was intended to help RTA improve the comfort and convenience of waiting for a bus. It will help enhance the visibility of transit services in the community, make transit a more attractive alternative to driving, and create transit stops that are public places of community pride.

After collecting hundreds of surveys from throughout the community, the partners produced The Transit Waiting Environment Ideabook for making better bus stops. RTA recognizes the need to improve the waiting experience for its customers, while calling for help from the communities it serves to do so.

"Local communities need to be involved in the process of deciding which amenities should be provided at each stop, making design choices, contributing to the maintenance of the waiting areas, providing safe, attractive access to the transit stops, and encouraging private development..." according to the Ideabook.

RTA has committed to demonstration projects (based on levels of transit service) though, it will take citizen and community involvement to produce the necessary changes that we all want to see.

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The quality of the customer experience while waiting for transit vehicles is a crucial determinant of both overall satisfaction and general community attitudes towards transit.

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