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"I love the view of the Rocky River where it flows under Hilliard Road bridge, a place where peregrine falcons have nested the past several years."
Dean Norman, Cleveland

"I hate the view of the pollution flowing from a pipe on the east bank under the Hilliard Bridge."
Dean Norman, Cleveland

Nature's awesome fireworks explode over Catawba and Mouse Islands just west of Marblehead. The view becomes spectacular when viewed from the ferry dock on Kelleys Island.
Paul G. Buescher, Northfield Center, Ohio

Although Kelleys Island offers some spectacular views and a quiet get away, the island's residential and tourist population increases are taking its toll. Deforestation and quarrying are destroying much of the island's uniqueness and overflowing septic systems are polluting its ground water and the surrounding waters of Lake Erie.
Paul G. Buescher, Northfield Center, Ohio


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