Love-hate photo gallery

What's your favorite place in Northeast Ohio? What place really gets on your nerves?

We want to know!

EcoCity Cleveland is collecting photos of the best and worst places in the region. This effort follows up our "Images of the Western Reserve" project, which rated our built environment and sought to raise public awareness of design issues.

We invite you to submit your photos for posting in this section of our site. It's easy to do. Just a digital photo as an attachment, or send us a snapshot that we can scan (include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want the photo returned). Please include information about the location of the place, and include your name so we can give you credit. Also please note that by submitting a photo, you are granting EcoCity Cleveland the right to publish it on the Web or in any other publication.

What to send

Here are some ideas of the kinds of photos we'd like to collect:

  • Positive placesBeautiful places, historic places, natural places, community places, fun places, sacred places, soulful places.
  • Negative placesUgly places, boring places, dangerous places, alienating places, destroyed places, scary places, sad places, soulless places.

The places can be in the natural environment or the built environment, in the city or the country. They can be small places (a tree, a door) or large places (a landscape, a neighborhood). But they must be publicly visible places (e.g., no photos of your bedroom).

Help us document the best and worst of Northeast Ohio! We are also interested in talking with teachers who would like to make community photo-documentation a class project.




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Example photos

We love the historic character of Chardon's main street.

We'd prefer not to be places like this (parking lot at Severance Town Center in Cleveland Heights).




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