Scoring images from
the Western Reserve

On the following pages are the 40 pairs of photographs used in EcoCity Clevelands Built Environment Rating workshop. The Built Environment Rating is a time-tested technique used by planners and policy-makers to identify the types of development people prefer. Anton Nelessen at Rutgers University pioneered the technique.

Beside each image is the average score given by the 70 workshop participants, based on a scale of +10 (great place) to -10 (horrible place). The other number beside each image is the standard deviation (SD)of the scores. This number gives an indication of the level of agreement among participants. A low deviation means high agreement (so a standard deviation of zero would mean everyone scored the image the same). A high deviation means that there was a wide distribution of opinions. Thus, we can be more confident of the preference scores of photos it they also have a low standard deviation.

While we cannot claim this to be a scientific survey (in part because the participants were not randomly selected), we believe that the results provide a good starting point to describe what many people like in Northeast Ohio.

Do you agree?

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