Winter 2004-2005

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The fate of the earth depends on cities
Green Manhattan (PDF file, 71 KB)
EcoCity compendium on what cities can do
EcoVillage demonstrates virtues of urban interdependence
The end of suburbia and peak oil
Madison's healthy city and place-based economy
Vancouver Sustainable Region Initiative
Canada's "One-Tonne Challenge"
The Earth Charter: Principles for global society

Whiskey Island and great bridges
Idea for a bridge to Whiskey Island
County plan for Whiskey Island ecological restoration
City/port plan for Whiskey Island
Inspiring ideas for a new Innerbelt bridge over the Flats

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Solar greenhouse for Cleveland winters
Cleveland to hire sustainability programs manager
Local living economy
Environmental protection creates jobs in Ohio
Don't poison the kids: Pest management for schools
Euclid Creek watershed develops action plan

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Planning for a new age: Beyond "post-industrialism"
Risky convention centers
Green convention centers
Endangered by sprawl
Ohio school facilities rules
Mega-resort in Lorain County could have regional impact
City neighborhoods have hidden buying power
Another study links sprawl to health problems
"Tax-payer bill of rights" raises concerns in Ohio
Important bird areas in Northeast Ohio

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Euclid Corridor bike lanes
Cleveland as a hub for passenger rail travel
Getting our of cars?
ODOT's neglect of bicycle transportation: Comments from the Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition
Promoting railroads over highways to move freight
Mean streets
Demand for compact housing near transit



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