October/November 2004

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Wind power in Ohio: It's here, it's happening!
Wind Power conference in Cleveland
Green Energy Ohio website
Ohio Department of Development Office of Energy Efficiency
Ohio Wind Working Group
Ohio wind power map
Wind turbine development and jobs
Bowling Green wind turbines
Charles Brush windmill in Cleveland

Living Planet Report: Humanity now exceeds planets capacity to sustain us
The world community faces the challenges of urbanization: Barcelona World Urban Forum 2004

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Interactive tour of Towpath Trail route through the Flats
Bioregional Heroes 2004
Cleveland EcoVillage project

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Americans prefer shorter commutes, walkable neighborhoods, and investment in existing communities

Fragmented regions and concentrated poverty
Cleveland's poverty makes it a "Bohemian bargain"
Olmsted Twp. gets county taxpayers to pay for its services
2004 State of Lake Erie report released
Lake Erie management plan provides restoration framework
Regional Sewer District goes online

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Turning bus stops into better places
Innerbelt reconstruction updates
ODOT transportation plan, and comments
Euclid Corridor bus-rapid-transit project breaks ground
"Asphalt rebellion" spreads across America
Moving minds: Poets and artists on RTA buses and trains

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Freeing the Cuyahoga: Old dams, which create stagnant pools of water and block fish passage, are causing some of the remaining water quality problems on the Cuyahoga River. A $3.8 million project in Kent has created a new side channel around the city's historic dam to let the river run free. The river is already responding with better water quality, improved habitat, and more diverse populations of fish and aquatic insects.

Akron Beacon Journal article on Kent dam
Lower Cuyahoga River nearing recovery


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