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EcoCity Cleveland is now GreenCityBlueLake

This is the archive website of EcoCity Cleveland. It has a lot of great information, but, since March 2006, all of our new work online has taken place on GreenCityBlueLake, the interactive web workspace for sustainability in Northeast Ohio. Check it out!

EcoCity Cleveland was the nonprofit organization that helped people live in greater balance with nature in Northeast Ohio.

In 2007, EcoCity Cleveland merged with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Now our work is continuing as the GreenCityBlueLake Institute, the sustainability center of the Museum. Contact us here.


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This site has not been updated since 2006. EcoCity Cleveland merged with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to form the GreenCityBlueLake Institute. For up-to-date sustainability news in Northeast Ohio, log on to GreenCityBlueLake's web site gcbl.org

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EcoCity Cleveland
Now GreenCityBlueLake Institute
1 Wade Oval Drive
Cleveland, Oh 44106
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Our big merger: In July 2007, EcoCity Cleveland announced that it was merging with The Cleveland Museum of Natural History to create a new Center for Regional Sustainability. This is a fantastic opportunity to align the resources of two strong and respected organizations and accelerate the transformation of Northeast Ohio toward greater sustainability.

Organizationally, the merger makes perfect sense. EcoCity Cleveland's work will gain a more secure organizational home with the prestige and administrative support of a world-class institution. The Museum will gain expertise about the design of ecological cities that will help it engage the public about how human beings can live sustainably on Earth in the 21st century. And Northeast Ohio will gain a prominent center of sustainability thought and practice that will help make the region more competitive.

For more on the merger:

  • David Beach's letter to EcoCity members
  • Natural History Museum director Bruce Latimer's statement
  • Museum press release on the merger
  • Plain Dealer story

We encourage all EcoCity Cleveland friends to continue supporting our work for ecological cities by supporting our new Center for Regional Sustainability at the Natural History Museum. Donations to the Museum can be earmarked for the center.



See the GreenCityBlueLake Calendar for the Northeast Ohio's best listing of environmental and community events!
And check out our extensive listings of eco-jobs.



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