Circle-Heights: Kinds of routes

The Circle-Heights Bike Network would have two main kinds of routesfast and slow. Some of the slow routes could be "Bicycle Boulevards" or off-road paths, as explained below:

Fast routes (green on the map)These streets typically provide the most direct way to a destination with the fewest number of stops required. They also have more motorized traffic moving at higher average speeds. Experienced cyclists often use these routes.

Slow routes (blue on the map)These routes have less traffic traveling at lower speeds, but they often follow winding residential roads and encounter frequent stop signs. These routes may be preferred by riders who are less time-focused or less comfortable sharing the road with motorists.

Bicycle boulevardsResidential streets where cut-through
motor traffic is discouraged by physical design, and a bicycle-friendly environment is created with wayfinding signage, reduced number of stop signs, and high standards of pavement maintenance. These treatments would have the additional community benefit of reducing inappropriate cut-through car traffic and speeding by cars. In the Circle Heights district, Meadowbrook, Cottage Grove and Washington would make ideal bicycle boulevards.

Bike pathsThese off-road paths allow cyclists to be separated from cars. On the plus side, they provide a safe refuge for cyclists who don't want to mix with cars. On the negative side, there can be dangerous conflicts between bikes and pedestrians on the trail, and between bikes and surprised motorists at path/street intersections. As a fully-developed area, the Circle-Heights district has limited opportunities for the construction of new bike paths.
But paths should be considered where feasible, such as along North Park Boulevard.

An important caveat: The designation of some streets as bike routes does not mean that bikes are not allowed on other streets. Bikes are vehicles, and, except on limited access highways, have the same rights to the road as motor vehicles. Experienced cyclists know how to claim their share of the road. The point of developing a special bike network is to encourage cycling as a popular mode of transportation among a much wider range of people.

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