Problem intersections
The Circle-Heights district has a number of intersections with large expanses of pavement and confusing traffic patterns. These intersections may not always have the highest traffic volumes, but they are poorly defined areas with long crossing distances. A bicyclist or pedestrian has a hard time knowing which way to look for oncoming traffic. These intersections need special traffic studies to better define the space and channel motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians through with predictability and comfort.

University Circle intersections: MLK/E. 105/East Blvd. circle, MLK/Euclid/Chester/Stearns/East Blvd. pretzel intersection, Cedar/MLK/Carnegie (at the previous two places existing bike paths dump bicyclists hopelessly into the intersection), Cedar/Ambleside/Murray Hill, Mayfield/Murray Hill, Euclid/Ford/Mayfield.

Shaker Square/Shaker Heights intersections: MLK/Fairhill,
Kemper/Fairhill, Larchmere/N. Moreland/Kemper, Van Aken onto Shaker (north/westbound crossing the Rapid tracks), Lee/Van Aken, Lee/Chagrin, Warrensville/Van Aken/Chagrin.

Cleveland Heights intersections: Cedar/Euclid Heights/Overlook, Edgehill/Overlook, Cedar/Fairmount/Scarborough, Lee/Fairmount, Mayfield/Monticello/Superior/Lee area (need good connectors from recreation center to Cumberland pool, etc.), Coventry/Mayfield, Noble/Monticello.


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