Bicycling: The healthy alternative
Whether you're going to work or school, to shop, or to visit friends, riding your bicycle is a great transportation choice for getting around your community.

Personal benefits

  • Improved healthInactivity is now recognized by
    public health professionals as one of the nation's
    leading health threats. By designing opportunities for physical activity into the community while meeting daily transportation needs, more people can get daily exercise and live healthier lives.
  • Affordable transportation options for short-range commutersDespite the short commute distances involved in the Circle-Heights area, thousands of residents pay to drive and park their cars. In addition, we substantially decrease the life of our cars by driving them short distances with a cold engine. For some households, the ability to comfortably commute by bike could mean delaying a car purchase or even selling a carsaving thousands of dollars per year.

Community/business benefits

  • Reducing the high cost of parkingLand has become scarce in the University Circle area. In order to continue providing nearly every employee with automobile parking, garages must be builtcommonly at a cost of more than $15,000 per space. If monthly parking fees do not cover the cost of building and maintaining these spaces, institutions must spend precious resources to subsidize car storage. And when land is used for parking, it cannot be used for more
    advantageous purposes. Creating better conditions for bicycling can reduce the demand for structured parking, making our institutions more efficient and competitive.
  • Environment (air, water, noise)short car trips create more air pollution than longer trips on a per-mile basis because engines don't operate as efficiently while cold. Dust from brakes and tires, plus leaking automotive fluids, are washed into storm drains and contaminate local streams like Doan Brook. And motor vehicle noise and vibration adds stress to our lives. All of these are eliminated when a trip by car is taken by bike.
  • Competitive advantageFinally, communities that provide transportation choices and work to improve their residentsand employeesquality of life may achieve a competitive advantage over more automobile-dominated neighborhoods and regions. Good bicycling is good business!

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