Circle-Heights: Climbing the hill
The defining physical feature of the Circle-Heights district is the Portage Escarpment, the hill (i.e., Cedar Hill, Fairhill, Edgehill) that rises from the Lake Plain to the Heights on the Allegheny Plateau. The 100-foot elevation change itself is a challenge for many would-be bike commuters, but all of the routes across the escarpment could be made more bike-friendly. In some cases, this means constructing or improving off-street trail segments, but on other streets it would only require a little paint and pavement maintenance. Recommended improvements for traversing the hill include:

  • Cedar Hill and its upper and lower intersectionsDevelop an off-road trail with a clear way through the intersections.
  • Ambler Park between Martin Luther King Boulevard and Fairhill Road and its intersectionsDevelop an off-road trail with connections to Ambleside and a clear way through upper and lower intersections.
  • Edgehill RoadStripe a bike lane on the uphill side.
  • Mayfield RoadStripe a bike lane on the uphill side.
  • Lakeview CemeteryThe cemetery is currently off limits to bikes, but it would make an ideal bicycling connection if issues of liability and propriety could be resolved.

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