Organizing for smart growth
in Ohio

This assessment of the prospects for smart growth policy reform in Ohio was written by EcoCity's David Beach. It was commissioned by the Funders' Network on Smart Growth and Livable Communities and served as a discussion document for a workshop held at the Cleveland Foundation on September 19, 2002.

Follow the links at right for an analysis of the recent history of smart growth efforts in Ohio, the special circumstances that make reforms difficult in the state, and recommendations for an organizing strategy that can move Ohio toward a better balance of development and conservation.



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The Smart Growth Challenge in Ohio:
A Strategic Analysis

Executive Summary
What is smart growth?
The Ohio character (or lack thereof)
Land use trends (and problems)
Smart growth responses in Ohio
Suggestions for an organizing strategy
Attendees at the workshop

Download PDF version (539 KB) or Word document (237 KB) of "The Smart Growth Challenge in Ohio."

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