At the September 19, 2002 Funders' Network
meeting in Cleveland

  • John Aeschbury, B.R.E.A.D. Organization
  • Paul Alsenas, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
  • Virginia Barney, City of Upper Arlington
  • David Beach, EcoCity Cleveland
  • Noreen Beatley, The Enterprise Foundation
  • Dale Bertsch, Burns, Bertsch & Harris
  • Tom Bier, Cleveland State University
  • Lavea Brachman, Delta Institute
  • Madeline Cain, City of Lakewood
  • Pat Carey, Northeast Ohio Regional Alliance
  • Don Chen, Smart Growth America
  • Lee Chilcote, Chilcote Foundation
  • Paul Christensen, Shorebank Enterprise Group
  • Jill Clark, American Farmland Trust
  • Ruth Clevenger, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • Marc Conte, Ohio Sierra Club
  • Jennifer Cowley, Ohio State University
  • Maggie Cretella, Columbus Foundation
  • Kathleen Crowther, Cleveland Restoration Society
  • Stephen Dana, Ohio League of Women Voters
  • Vicki Deisner, Ohio Environmental Council
  • Ruth Eppig, Sears-Swetland Foundation
  • George Espy, Ohio Grantmakers Forum
  • Eric Fingerhut, State Senator
  • Pam George, The Cleveland Foundation
  • Marty Gefand, Congressman Dennis Kucinich's office
  • Kimberly Gibson, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
  • Carol Gibson, Cleveland League of Women Voters
  • Dave Goss, Greater Cleveland Growth Association
  • Hugh Grefe, Toledo Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • Dennis Guritza, The Second Growth Institute
  • Amy Hanauer, Policy Matters Ohio
  • David Harris, John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • Greg Harris, Citizens for Civic Renewal
  • Kathryn Hexter, Cleveland State University
  • Deborah Hoover, GAR Foundation
  • Elizabeth Humphrey, Growth Management Leadership Alliance
  • Stephanie Jennings, Fannie Mae Foundation
  • Jon Jensen, George Gund Foundation
  • Ed Jerse, State Representative
  • Ianna Kachoris, Fannie Mae Foundation
  • Howard Katz, Cuyahoga County Treasurer's office
  • Denise King, The Nature Conservancy
  • William Klein, American Planning Association
  • Todd Kleismit, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
  • Larry Libby, Ohio State University
  • Amy Liu, Brookings Institution
  • Dan Lorek, City of Bexley
  • Lyn Luttner, U.S. EPA
  • John Magill, Ohio Department of Development
  • Robert Layton, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency
  • Sharon McGraw, Cleveland League of Women Voters
  • Priscilla Mead, State Senator
  • Stuart Meck, American Planning Association
  • Mark McDermott, The Enterprise Foundation
  • Hal Miksch, First Avenues
  • Ken Montlack, City of Cleveland Heights
  • Kimberly Ogren, Funders' Network
  • Charles Owen, Cleveland Restoration Society
  • Paul Oyaski, City of Euclid
  • India Pierce Lee, Cleveland Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • Daniel J. Prater, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur
  • Judy Rawson, City of Shaker Heights
  • Mikelann Rensel, Cleveland Neighborhood Development Coalition
  • Cathie Shick, The AMOS Project
  • Richard Sensenbrenner, Columbus City Council
  • Julia Seward, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • Jennifer Smyser, Northeast Ohio Center for Farmland Preservation
  • Ben Starrett, Funders' Network
  • Dawn Stockmo, Fannie Mae Foundation
  • Jay Talbot, The Cleveland Foundation
  • Lou Tisler, First Suburbs Development Council


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