After the convention center:
Investing in a great place

Now that the vote for a convention center tax has been shelved, people are asking, "What's next?"

Many of our colleagues are relieved to have more time for a public discussion about priorities for investing in our community. And many of them are suggesting that the emphasis be on making Greater Cleveland a great placea place where everyday life is enriched by great streets and neighborhoods, a wonderful lakefront, greenspace and trails, lively arts and culture, and successful public schools. Once we have made such investments, it will be a lot easier to attract visitors from out of town. The place will be the attraction.

Investing in place could start with implementation of the County Planning Commission's exciting Greenprint plan and ideas for the lakefront, one of the region's most neglected assets. Indeed, it would be interesting to do a poll of voters' attitudes toward a tax for greenspace and the arts separate from the unpopular convention center.

Do you have suggestions for investing in a great place that enhances our lives every day? As a taxpayer, what would you like to buy? Tell us .


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If we ever do get around to building a new Convention Center, here are some ideas for making it green.



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