Ideas for water elements
at Zone Recreation Center

  • Water fountains-drinking
  • Wading pool/ ice skating
  • Full Olympic size swimming pool with slides
  • Filter runoff water collection-stream along a path; water off roof in parking lot
  • Retention area-south of building-lawn area
  • Living roof; greenhouse-gardening for kids
  • Kids water park-little falls, spraying umbrella, benches around it; designed for little kids
    Back corner storm sewer that goes into Walworth run; pipe could be where stream is
  • Wetland in back corner-fishing; something there to invite people in (bike/walking path)
  • Flip the ball field to the west of the other field. Put a lagoon/pond in (for water plants with benches surrounding it)
  • A new distinct entrance way at the east end and a water fountain
  • Security improvements. in the far SE corner
  • Wetlands-ongoing project: programs for restoration, wetland walks (for kids and adults) to see the positive effects of restoration
  • More bathrooms
  • A large pond with the nature education center (strawbale); stop the water at a pond-daylight the stream
  • Drinking fountains between the ball field
  • Underground sprinkler system for flowers and plants
  • Community garden


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