Recreation facilities ideas
at Zone Recreation Center

  • The gym is most used area at the Rec. Center
  • Basketball is key element
  • Pool is important but it requires many repairs, inconvenient, needs to be filled/drained too much


  • Outdoor pool would be nice
  • Daycare center would be used
  • Game rooms are highly used
  • More classes
  • Programming/ special events
  • More family events/ classes
  • Rollerblading activities (with rental options so not too expensive)
  • More parent/child classes and events
  • More classes/ programming for adults
  • Yoga, martial arts, kickboxing
  • Swing sets
  • Young adult programming (14+)
  • Give more path options (more than in and out of the facility)
  • Fountain
  • Sell food/ drink
  • Horse facilities/ trails
  • Lack of indoor space limits recreational opportunities
  • Waterslide and kiddie pool
  • Swimming elements for young children
  • Mini water park
  • Appeal to parents
  • Ice skating rink-temporary, moving
  • Skate park-depends on design
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Batting cages
  • Bowling alley
  • Trees as barriers for highway/Block highway with natural buffer
  • Aerobics, exercise, fitness program for adults all year
  • Parking lot is too big, not used and unnecessary
  • Minibus service would be useful
  • Most residents walk to the Rec Center
  • More security guards are needed; if there were more adult classes, parents would stick around as extra eyes


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