Sustainable Site Design Planned For Michael Zone Recreation Center

Draft design concepts for the Michael Zone Recreation Center greenspace were presented at a community meeting May 5th, 2005 from 6-8pm in the Zone Rec gym. More than 35 community residents attended and offered suggestions and comments.

Michael Zone Recreation Center includes 22 acres of greenspace in the EcoVillage neighborhood. This large open space offers an opportunity to become a national demonstration of how an urban park can best contribute to sustainable urban living.

The Cleveland EcoVillage is working in partnership with ParkWorks and the City of Cleveland Parks, Recreation and Properties department to create a new site design for Zone Rec. In March 2005 the consultant team of McKnight Associates, Davey Resources, and artist Stephen Manka was chosen to help create the park design. Community input generated at a series of public workshops over the past two years, ecological design principles, and opportunities for environmental education and public art were incorporated into the design.

Advisory Committee/Project Partners:

Al Bresnetz - Stockyards Redevelopment

Michael Cox- Division of Recreation
Maribeth Feke- Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Andres Gonzalez- El Barrio/WSEM
John Goodworth- Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Eileen Kelly- St. Colman’s
Melanie Kitner- Green Building Coalition
Matt Lokay- Div. of Research, Planning & Development
Sister Maureen Doyle- Urban Community School
Linda Mayer Mack- Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Mandy Metcalf- Cleveland EcoVillage
Tom Minotas- Zone Recreation Center
Thomas Nagel- Division of Property Management

Natividad Pagan - Cleveland Public Schools
Greg Peckham- Cleveland Public Art
Natalie Ronayne- City of Cleveland Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Properties
Richard Silva- Division of Park Maintenance
Matt Wiederhold- Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization
Rachid Zoghaib- Division of Water Pollution Control

Matthew Zone- Cleveland City Councilman, Ward 17

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Public input for the Zone Rec greenspace

Zone Rec Greenspace draft plan

See larger version of draft plan

Powerpoint Presentation: May 5, 2005

Comments from public at May 5th meeting

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