Public Comments on Zone Rec Greenspace Design Concepts

Comments May 5th, 2005

Safety / Security
o Concern with Kid's safety near water. No standing water in summer for longer than a couple of days. 12" to 24" maximum depth. Water will move through swales. Healthy wetland ecosystems will minimize mosquitoes. Water will not stand long enough to breed mosquitoes.
o Edible landscape may produce trash / litter / fruit drop issues.
o Garden beds would need to be secured to deter theft of crops. Zone may not be appropriate
o Artificial turf surfaces not child friendly. Turf burn issues / reflective heat.
o Maintain visibility in east area of site. Limit plants in 3' to 6' height range. Use spreading shrubs and trees which mature with canopy in the center of the site.
o Reasoning for moving basketball courts- incongruent use in ecological wooded area and adds activity to W 65th St frontage.

o Improve entrance quality at West 58th Street frontage. Connection to new housing important.
o Promote recreational uses that do not require supervision with limited staff personnel.
o More basketball courts. Maintain visibility to courts.
o Consider handball courts.
o Parking along Lorain is good idea. Maintain same space count as currently exists.
o Consider shuffleboard / Bocci courts.
o Not a "Tennis" neighborhood
o Tennis would be used. Make court space multi-use. i.e. court style soccer, handball.
o Concession building / Soccer field too distant.
o Provide adequate space around soccer field
o Paths designed for jogging. Add fitness stations and distance markers. Asphalt or crushed gravel surfacing.
o Splash park to reflect unique character, include spray, mist.
o Utilize splash park for ice rink and other winter uses.
o Stargazing will be difficult in city. Provide alternative uses for pavilion.
o Skate park liability issues. Post rules…skate at your own risk.

o Artificial turf - holds up better, but more costly.
o Drainage critical to turf stability / maintenance.
o Lorain Avenue bridge over RTA tracks needs to be cleaned better.
o Manage fields by rotating schedule so overuse does not occur.
o Soccer field needs time for turf to recover from football use.
o Less mowing required in east portion of the site.

Ecological Issues
o Stormwater management trigger grant opportunities.
o Incorporate alternative energy sources in design



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