Results of design group four
from second Zone Rec workshop

  • Convert half of parking lot into temporary parking by turning into field
  • Add dense tree buffer along south western edge to block out highway from water feature and general area (also buffer the whole south side with vegetation between fences)
  • Adjacent to buffer, add water feature that provides drainage and aesthetic appeal (stream and water spiral)
  • North of water feature and south of building, next to parking lot, add amphitheatre
  • Expand playground, put in skate park (east of playground and west of soccer field)
  • Butterfly garden just east of building
  • Senior area northeast of building (with swinging bench), senior center addition on northside of building including outdoor space for seniors
  • Daycare extension on west side of building
  • Water park on west side of building
  • New paths connecting play area, butterfly garden, senior area, water park, and bus stop, with benches and shading
  • Line trees along parking lot and all boundary streets
  • Considerations for area around building: Children's art, larger signs, trash cans, water, benches, trees, pavilions, walkways
  • Field Area: Southern edge path with trees on south side to block out noise pollution
  • Add a 'tot lot' between north side of baseball fields
  • Add picnic pavilion east of tennis courts
  • Cross walk or light for pedestrian crossing on Lorain (for RTA connection)
  • Add vegetation between east baseball field and far east field


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