Results of design group three
from second Zone Rec workshop

  • Reduce parking lot on south end and replace with tennis courts
  • Street calm W. 65th St. and on Lorain Avenue with crosswalks
  • Along highway, natural barrier of native trees
  • Southeast of parking lot, skate park for skateboards and rollerblades
  • East of the skate park, dueling court with 2 tables, and kickball field
  • Directly south of building, picnic area with grills
  • Flowers lining north and south side of building
  • An outdoor fenced-in area on west side of building, water play area and tables with umbrellas
  • Native trees on north side of building near street, with bench underneath
  • Stone wall with flowers lining path up to main entrance of building
  • Additional paths northwest of building connecting to streets and parking lot. Include a "story walk" at corner of Lorain and W. 65th St.
  • Larger sign at entrance of building
  • On east side of building, native tree grove and senior citizen classroom
  • Just east of current playground area, stadium/ amphitheater seating (looking out onto soccer field)
  • North of amphitheater, a raised bed structure in the form of a dragon planted with flowers that includes two benches
  • Distance markers on the paths
  • New path connecting the southern and northern edge paths, between the baseball field and soccer field; a long "snake mound" with flowers (similar idea to the dragon) along path.
  • Between the two fields just south of the tennis courts (or basketball court here?), area with food, water fountain, and bathrooms
  • Youth only court for 8-15 yr. olds (basketball or tennis court?)
  • Shaded seating around baseball fields
  • Benches along all pathways, and water fountains (for drinking) scattered around the grounds; better lighting throughout (solar powered)
  • Additional pathway between far east grounds and fields along north edge
  • East of baseball fields, picnic area with grills, playground
  • Southeast (along fence line): Wetlands area
  • Far east at border: Small parking lot

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