Ideas for gathering spaces
at Zone Recreation Center

  • Adult swings (or benches)
  • Seating comfortable for elderly folks
  • Any kind of seating at all
  • More bleachers by fields (or stone amphitheater)
  • Use space between soccer fields and baseball field
  • Shady welcoming space with 'tot lot'
  • In general, a quieter space with large Zone Rec-visually open but different feel-"microclimate"
  • Need food, water, and bathrooms
  • A space that can accommodate programming but not dependent on it
  • Linkage between park and W. 54th St.
  • Better linkage from stockyards and community on other side of freeway
  • Path with resting places along it
  • Have grills with picnic tables, with electric power
  • Adjacent to playground
  • Amphitheatre left and right, facing building
  • Seniors area
  • More program space
  • Indoor play space for infants
  • Hour of childcare
  • Parent spaces by playground
  • More shaded play areas
  • More secure bike area
  • Gathering space in circles of walk
  • Alcoves along walk

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