March 2004

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Regionalism topics
Fund for Our Future
Race and regionalism
Plain Dealer regionalism series
Team NEO
Alliance for Regional Stewardship
Economic renewal
Growing wealthier without getting bigger
Portland Metro
Louisville Metro
EcoCity's Bioregional Plan (still the best introduction to thinking about land and development in the region)

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Lakefront planning
Green renovation in the EcoVillage
Sierra Club organizes for clean air
Privatizing the beach
Lake Erie's underwater wilderness
Survey on Lake Erie priorities
Great Lakes air quality issues
Local networks for organic food
Directory of farmers' markets

Cool sites for urban sustainability
Best Practices for Human Settlements

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Rethinking land use in Cuyahoga County
Protecting farms
The Rocky gets friends
Important places for birds
New site for Neighborhood Progress
Covering urban sprawl: Guide for journalists

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Euclid Corridor Bus Rapid Transit
Innerbelt reconstruction concerns
City bike planning
Regional anti-congestion policies
Bikes on transit in Greater Cleveland
Federal funding favors highways over transit
Fixing old roads and bridges creates more jobs
Connecting economic development and transit access


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Regional interdependencies: More people are understanding that the health of the region is linked to the health of the city.


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