Statistics on car sharing

  • 1 shared car replaces 6 or more individually owned cars
  • Members giving up a car when they join15 percent
  • Members not buying a new one because they joined 25 percent

Car sharing increases transit usage:

Members using transit more 27 percent
Members using Transit less 7 percent
(Source: AutoShare)

Trips made by transit before joining 35 percent
Trips made by transit after joining 53 percent
(Source: S.Shaheen @ UC Berkley)

Car sharing increases other forms of travel:

Members biking/blading more 25 percent
Members biking/blading less 8 percent

People drive less:

Average driving reduction, former car owner72 percent
Ave. driving reduction, all car sharing members55 percent
(Source: Swiss Energy Dept., 2000)

Household income spent on cars:

1990 13.2 percent
1998 14.8 percent


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