Car-Free in Cleveland

Car-Free in Cleveland is your complete guide to getting around Northeast Ohio by bus, train, taxi, bicycle, car- and van-pools, and on foot.

It's true! You can do everything you want to do in Northeast Ohio without being dependent on a car. Plus, you'll discover that a car-free lifestyle will save you money, enable you to get to know this exciting region better than you ever could through a car windshield, and help make Greater Cleveland an even better place to live.

Car-Free in Cleveland is published by EcoCity Cleveland and written by activists who know what car-free living is all about. It has all of the information you'll need to:

  • Get around easily and conveniently by bus and rail transit with the Greater Cleveland RTA, Laketran, Akron METRO, and seven other regional transit agencies.
  • Learn how to make practical and recreational bicycling in Northeast Ohio safer, more convenient and more fun.
  • Discover the most the most pedestrian-, transit- and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods in the region
  • Find useful tips on taking taxis, renting cars, and lots more.

Whether you're visiting for the day or you're a lifelong resident of the Northeast Ohio, this is the essential guide for a healthy, car-free lifestyle.


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