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Lake Erie is both a global treasure and the local reservoir of our environmental sins. It's the thing we need to protect, but we still don't appreciate it the way we should. The lake does have many advocates, however. Here are some of the groups and planning processes focusing on the lake.

  • Council of Great Lakes Governors.
  • Environment Canada.
  • Great Lakes Commission.
  • Great Lakes Information Network.
  • Great Lakes National Program Office, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Great Lakes United. A binational citizens organization working to protect the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence River ecosystem.
  • International Joint Commission. The U.S./Canadian agency which monitors boundary issues between the two nations, with a special focus on Great Lakes water quality and lake levels.
  • Lake Erie Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP). Part of a broad-based U.S./Canadian program to set objectives for the lake.
  • National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Natural Resource Center.
  • Ohio Coastal Management Program, Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
  • Ohio Coastal Resource Management Project, PO Box 3160, Kent, OH 44240 (330-673-1193). Citizens group advocating wise use of Lake Erie coastal resources.
  • Ohio Lake Erie Office. Coordinates the state's Lake Erie programs and administers the Lake Erie Protection Fund, which supports research and programs to protect and restore the lake.
  • Ohio Sea Grant. Promotes promote research and public education about Lake Erie resources.



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