Local environmentalists
raise concerns about HB 218

, Principal, Regional Solutions wrote the following update on HB 218 on February 5. It succinctly summarizes the activity on the bill to date and efforts to defeat it.

The Ohio Senate is considering HB 218, which would further privatize the Lake Erie shoreline. The organized and avid emotional support from a group of lake shore homeowners
has been responsible for its success so far, including House passage in December. Proponent testimony in the Senate is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday with opponent testimony likely the following week.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Tim Grendell passed the House in December with the support of several Democrats, but is now drawing the concern of many public officials and environmental advocates in Northeast Ohio.

[Environmentalists] are hopeful that a high volume of messages from key local government and other leaders will at least slow the bill down so that it can be given a more thorough review. Among the concerns is that passage of the bill would endanger a million dollars a year in
federal funds for coastal restoration.

Consider what action you might take quickly to bring serious attention to the threats of this bill. A number of people will be attending the proponent testimony to signal opposition. Encouraging resolutions, phone calls and public statements may slow down Senate consideration and eventually turn the tideor, better yet, protect public access to it.

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