A goal for the region

Change development patterns in Northeast Ohio to revitalize existing urban areas and preserve the countryside, thus creating a region which is more environmentally sustainable, economically healthier and less stratified by race and class.

Five steps for our regional future

  • Develop regional consciousness. Foster greater identification with the region, a willingness to act for the long-term future of the entire region.
  • Understand the costs of urban sprawl. Promote understanding of the impacts of current development patterns. Who wins? Who loses?
  • Keep score. Develop the capacity to track in an organized way all the decisions which now promote sprawling development patterns. Publicize who/what is responsible.
  • Create inspirational alternatives. Show how alternative development patterns are possible and can create a healthier region for most people.
  • Organize for political change. Organize winning coalitions and campaigns for more compact development, livable cities and preservation of the countryside.



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