Composting: Using food waste
to improve your garden's output

All across the country, landfills are filling up, garbage incineration is becoming increasingly unpopular, and other waste disposal options are becoming ever harder to find. Composting is a partial solution to an issue of great concern in many communities.

Composting provides a way of reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of and converting it instead into a product that is useful for gardening, landscaping, or house plants.

The Greater Cleveland Ecology Association is no longer in the business of recycling leaves and other yard waste for municipalities in Cuyahoga County.

Finding leaf humus most likely will involve a trip to your local garden center. Some businesses, such as Kurtz Brothers, are getting involved in leaf and yard composting.

Composting at school:

More and more, schools are offering lesson plans on composting. For a good resource, read Trash Goes to School: K-12 Solid Waste Lesson Plans.

For general inquiries about composting, check out the following resources:

  • Cornell University Composting FAQs
  • U.S. Composting Council


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