Slow cities

Starting in Italy and spreading across Europe, a movement for "Slow Cities" is calling for safe and nutritious food, a clean environment, quiet neighborhoods, and a slower, less hectic life. The movement is an extension of the Slow Food movement.

According to recent articles in the Utne Reader and The New Rules magazine, Slow Cities are dedicated to:

  • Promoting good food by sponsoring farmers' markets, preserving local culinary traditions, encouraging organic agriculture, and prohibiting genetically modified products.
  • Curtailing noise pollution and visual blight by limiting car alarms, TV aerials, outdoor advertising, and unsightly signs.
  • Restraining noisy traffic, air pollution, and ugly sprawl by creating pedestrian areas, building bicycle paths, and limiting automobile use.
  • Greening the city by expanding parklands, planting trees, and boosting recycling.
  • Improving quality of life by urging businesses, schools, and government offices to adjust hours so that people can enjoy a long midday meal with family and friends.



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