Green building codes

The Cleveland EcoVillage project aims to demonstrate advanced techniques of green building, such as energy efficiency, passive solar design, nontoxic building materials, considerations of life-cycle costs, and alternative forms of wastewater treatment. In addition, the project is helping the city of Cleveland think about how green building techniques can be made part of the city's building code.

The project hired local green building expert Jim LaRue to write a "green appendix" to the new code that the city is planning to adopt. The appendix offers guidance to those wishing to build in a more environmentally responsible manner. It is only advisory at this point, but it is hoped that the ideas will eventually become a standard part of the code. The EcoVillage project is working with city officials to make that happen.

EcoCity staff helped edit the appendix. To read the document (230 KB Word doc. ), click here. This is a work in progress. We would appreciate on this draft.

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