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In partnership with Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, the Cleveland Housing Network, the Green Building Coalition, and Cleveland Magazine, a home built in the EcoVillage in 1916 was renovated using the latest green building techniques. The purpose of the project was to show homeowners and contractors ways to renovate homes in environmentally friendly ways. A number of companies donated environmentally friendly products to the project.  Cleveland Magazine profiled the project in an article, and held open houses for the public and local contractors. The house sold for $135,000 through CHN’s Homeward program. 

The green features of the home include:

  • Energy Star appliances
  • 90 + sealed combustion furnace
  • compact fluorescent lighting
  • ductwork on interior walls
  • improved attic insulation (R-38) with filling of thermal bypasses
  • extensive air-sealing using blower door test
  • infrared cold-spot scanning
  • blown cellulose insulation of exterior wall
  • energy efficient double-paned wood Pella windows
  • light tube providing natural lighting
  • use of recycled products throughout the home
  • countertops made of wheat straw
  • paints with no volatile organic compounds
  • low-maintenance landscaping



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